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About Us

Roch Africa

A global market leader in the electrical industry, SPJ Electronics offers diverse selection of consumer electrical solutions including Fans, Home appliances, Lighting and Switchgear.

WE are the distributor of modern appliances that are available in the market. With every day that passes by, technology is getting evolved and so are the home appliances.

Hence in the present age of technology it is extremely crucial that a home has most of the necessary appliances of the modern day.

These appliances have made our life a lot easier and comfortable. More importantly the lives of the people at the present are very much fast paced.

Thus at times like this the advanced home appliances help us to save time as well as energy.

The common appliances that we use in our everyday lives are juicer, mixer, micro wave ovens, grinders, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs etc.